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Zte,the Chinese handset maker that Has been among the early developers of a smart watch,Has yet to decide when to launch the device commercial考虑到中国手机制造商中兴通讯(ZTE)起步较早,该公司火爆的“可穿戴设备”市场销量下滑,目前还没有要求智能手表产品什么时候上市。in a sign that such technology has not reached mainstream acceptance,a senior ZTE executive admitted that sales in the market were still " noothe ZTE smart watch has already been shown off at trade shows such as CES and Mobile World Congress。ZTE开发的智能手表在国际消费类电子产品展览会(ces)和世界移动通信大会(mobile mobile communication s Conference)上,“the retailer Feedback is still not good on sales中兴通讯(ZTE)亚洲和美国以外地区终端业务CEO田玉伦表示:“对于零售商的销售量,系统仍然不尽人意。——三星(Samsung)也购买。

”Analysts at Ccs Insight Estimate that global sales of Smart watches will rise from 1.6m units in 2013 to 3.1m inbatteries[life]is still a major problem,“Mr Kan said.contron表示:“电池(寿命)仍然是一个重要问题。”apple is developing its own smart watch,which is expected to be launched this year,while Google focused on wearables in its most recent deventZTE has a number of 4g smart phones lined up to launch this year as the Chinese group seeks to reverse a group net loss of RMB 2 . 84 bn($ 458m)In 2中兴今年正在等待各种4G智能手机排队投放市场,这家中国企业试图挽回2012年集团整体净亏损28.4亿元人民币(4.58亿美元)的局面。The company has separated its handset operations from its networks business to provide a clearer structure for each side to grow The company wants to ii中兴通讯(ZTE)改善的商业战略正在努力打造更强大的消费者品牌,预计今年终端事业部的销售量将迅速增加503354,全球出货量将超过6000万台。

Mr Kan added that the group would also focus on making phones using Google ' s Android software rather than Windows-based devices,AfterZTE launched its first windows smart phone in 2012。the company said that it had not ruled out making another Windows Phone after this year。ZTE 20该公司回应说,今年以后不会避免生产另一款Windows Phone系统手机的可能性。

the Chinese group has mainly been a provider of devices for other companies to sell as their branded phones,Which Mr Kan acknowledged meant that it中兴通讯过去主要是其他公司的设备供应商,其他公司将供应的终端销售为自己品牌的手机产品。玉伦否认该公司回避必要的零售市场以外。ZTE will now invest in creating a consumer brand based on providing affordable 4g-ready phones with comparable specification s to the high-。Old by companies such as Samsung。


中兴将依靠廉价的4G手机产品打造消费者品牌,在产品技术参数上进行与销售给三星等公司的高端终端相似的投资。he added that the company would work on creating a brand image for ZTE around the world .“even in China people think ZTE is an ' old country ' F low-end phones”,he said,pointing to launches of more premium devices and他认为,该公司为了改变人们的这种印象,销售了更好的高级手机产品,并建立了名为努比亚(Nubia)的子品牌。“in Europe,no one knows us。we are like a new company。