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Looks Like Oculus is Getting a(非虚拟)reality check。虚拟现实技术公司Oculus VR似乎正在进行一次(而不是虚拟世界)状态检查。

Oculus VR,the maker of rift,a virtual reality headset,Has suspended sales in China after reports that too many customers are reselline据报道,许多中国客户正在使用该设备,其唯一目的是利用这种令人羡慕的技术上的机会获利。看到这种情况,Oculus VR停止了该设备在中国的销售。Interestingly,The company elected to announce The news on Reddit in response to a concerned customer asking about cancelled preords有趣的是,该顾客问公司为什么中断了中国地区的预期订单。

信息的声明者是公司的发言人,网名为“TheTwistgibber”,职位为“Oculus VR公司客户服务负责人”。“是的,it is a bummer that we ' ve had to suspend sales in China due to extreme reseller purchases,”said the spokesperson。“we need to make sure that we are doing what we can to make sure that resellers that are looking to flip our product for a Fit are Not Taking Stock Away froway是的,对不起,“我们必须保证卖方借此利润,为合法开发者获得足够的货源。”the statement continued that the company is looking into " alternative ways " to ensure that the kids are " getting into legitimate develementthe spokesperson added,“if you are an enthusiast,we kindly ask that you wait for the consumer Rift . it will be worth the wait表示:“如果你对这个设备感兴趣,”。


“but the company also said that the suspension isn ' t permanent,although more information is not available yet。”I don ' t have any But we have made it a priority . we love our developers,“continued the spokesperson”虽然提到停止营业不是永久的,但响应没有得到更多的信息。“我没有时间表,但我们不会优先处理这件事。我们非常重视开发者。


”发言人补充道。oculus verified the statement ' s legitimacy to fortune,although declined to add further information . oculus在《财富》杂志上确认了这一消息。

Facebook F B- 1.51% Agreed to pay $ 2 Billion to buy Oculus rift in March,According to A fortune story . additionally,Oculus enjoyed a据《财富》报道,今年3月Facebook回应称,不会以20亿美元卖给Oculus Rift。另外,今年年初,Oculus还在连锁餐厅Chuck E. Cheese's举办了短期Rift设备体验活动。